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Our Pharmacy College is well equipped with laboratories and equipment to give the students hands on training in the field of Pharmacy. College has excellent laboratory setup to ensure experiential learning for a better grasp of the theoretical aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The college has adequate number of well equipped labs for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in all the major areas of pharmacy. The labs are well furnished and designed to permit students sufficient working space. All security measures have been put in place to assist in case of emergencies.

The college has been continuously updating and upgrading instruments necessary for the cutting edge technology. Instruments have been purchased through funds from the management and grants from various funding agencies.

Other than working laboratories the college also has a Central Instrumentation room where common instruments as well as instruments requiring air conditioning are kept. Each instrument is operated through a SOP and a log book for each instrument is maintained for efficient functioning. To provide the instrument a non-fluctuating power supply college has installed huge stabilizers and sturdy power connections.

The primaryfocus is always laid on the skill enhancement and inculcates the culture of research to solve emerging challenges towards a successful career ahead. State-of-the-art Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Analysis, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy Practice, Human Anatomy & Physiology,Computer and Language Lab and other laboratories supported by advanced instruments and well-trained technicians provides opportunities of learning by practically performing the experiments.

  • Pharmaceutics labs
  • Machine Room
  • Pharmacology labs and Animal House (Registered with CPCSEA)
  • Pharmacy Practice Labs
  • Biotechnology and Microbiology labs
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Analysis labs
  • Central Instrumentation Room
  • Pharmacognosy Labs
  • Medicinal Chemistry labs
  • Medicinal garden
  • Computer and Language Lab