Name of the EquipmentTotal
Rotary Tablet Punching Machine Mini Press II1
UV Visible Spectrophotometer with 10 mm Cuvites 3 pairs (Thermofisher Scientific)1
Six Stage dissolution test apparatus (Elecrolab)1
Capsule Filling Machine2
Disintegration Test Apparatus2
Friability Test Apparatus1
Dissolution Test Apparatus4
Tablet Punching Machine (Cadmach) (Single Punch)1
Vaccum oven1
Tablet Coating Pan1
Tablet Polishing Pan1
Hot Air Oven1
Digital balance1
Double Cone Blender1
Bulk Density Apparatus1
Abb’s Refractometer4
Distillation Plant (Steel)1
Advanced screw gauge digital1
Sonicator water bath1
Digital vernier caliper1
Sieve shaker1
Vernier Caliper3
Cyclomixer (Remi)2
Hand Operated Tablet Machine1
Auto Clave1
Magnetic Stirrer11
Mechanical Stirrer (With Speed Controller)8
Seives Nos- 10, 16, 22, 30, 44, 60, 85, 100, 1204 each
Dessicator glass 8” 10”2
Mechanical stirrer3
Magnetic stirrer 1 ltr 2 ltr4
SS distillation still1
Electric water bath 12 holes1
Capsule Counter4
Tablet Counter4
Granulated Seives42
Hardness Tester Pfizer3
Hardness Tester Montesto3
Percolators Small10
Percolators Big10
Ointment Filling Machine2
Ointment Scaling Machine1
Tincture Press1
Digital Conductivity Meter4
U.V. Inspection Cabinet1
Electronic Balance (Dhona)2
I.R. Moisture Balance1
Digital Balance4
Ball Mill1
Disintegrator (Cutter Mill)1
Platform Balance1
Tray Dryer1
Copper Water Bath4
Copper Steam Generator18
All Glass Distillation1
Ohp With Stand1
Heating Mantle10
Hands Burger Apparatus2
Bachmans Freezing Point Apparatus1
Pressure Cooker 5Litre2
Pressure Cooker 3Litre3
Hot Plate9
Aseptic Cabinet1
Test Tube Stand (Plastic)12
Test Tube Stand (Aluminium)14
Ointment Spatula43
Ointment Slabs40
Lipstick Mould15
Suppository Moulds 6 Holes20
Suppository Moulds 4 Holes10
Analytical Balances10
Hand Grinding Mill5
Ampoule Washing Device1
Bottle Washing Machine1
Ampoule Clarity Apparatus Equipment2
Vaccum Pump1
Permeability Cups5
Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine1
Dispensing Balance31
Electric Water Bath1
Stop Clock17
Pipette Stand2
Micro Scopes5
Stage & Eye Piece Micrometer5
Digital pH Meter With Electrode7
Homogeniser (Emulsifiers)5
Seive Shaker1