Name of the EquipmentTotal
Semi Auto Analyser1
Digital Plethysmometer1
Conventional Plethysmometer1
Acto Photometer1
Forced Swimming Apparatus For Rats1
Tail Flick Analgesiometer1
Elevated Plus Maze For Mice1
Pole Climing Apparatus1
Histamine Chamber1
Eddy’s Hot Plate1
Centrifuge 5000 Rpm1
Student Kymograph Full Assembly10
Lucas Mant Chamber Muscle Chamber15
Operation Table (Big)1
Operation Table (Small)1
Double Unit Organ Bath1
Metabolic Cages6
Folin WU Tubes60
Column Chromatography3
Micro Pipette.5-100 Ul2
Micro Pipette.10-100 Ul2
Micro Pipette.20-200 Ul2
Dissicator 8” 10”2
Rat Holder For I.V.3
Cyclomixer (Vortex Mixer)1
Rat & Mice Cages (Big) With Feeding Bottles20
Rat & Mice Cages (Small) With Feeding Bottles20
Student Stimulator16
Standard X Blocks30
Open Side X Blocks30
Sample Electrodes5
Muscle Grip With Stem15
Hook & Weight Set15
Water Tub25
Heating Coil With Temperature25
Frontal Writing Lever59
Pinch Cork18
Arterial Cannulae6
Symes Cannulae12
Pastal Weighing Scale1
Hot Plate1
Heating Mantle1
Venous Cannulae14
Rota Rod Appartus1
Deionizer Plant1
Fire Extinguisher1
Dissection Set5
Distillation Plant1
Smoking Burner With Stand1
Arterial Clamp20
Electronic Balance1
Platform Balance1
Rabbit Cage (Metabolic)2
Gas Cylindar1
Gas Regulator1
Oral Feeding Needles3
Syringes 10 Ml10
Syringes 2 Ml5
Needles Injection34
Ph Meter1
Muscle Electrode5
Insulin Syringes 1 Ml5
Myographic Lever1
Wax Tray9
Stop Clock13
Master & Pester (Big)1
Bone Utter (Big)19
Bone Utter (Small)20
Separating Funnel Holder9
Spirit Lamp1
Wash Bottles10
Separating Funnel Holder & Stand24
Weight Boxes6
One Meter Scale1
Burette Stand19
Hemoglobino Meter (including Sahli’s Tube)22
Hemocyto Meter (including Neubar Chamber)20
Thermo Meter1
Sphygnomannano Meter6
Analytical Balance1
Physical Balance1
Bone Loose1
Skeleton Intact1
ESR Tube With Stand4
Digital Colorimter1
Micro Scope20
Spiro Meter1